The Breaking Barriers United (BBU) Initiative is a program that addresses current issues through a transparent approach.  Team members that are hand-selected from different Law Enforcement agencies will join members of the Community to deliver an effective message that is founded upon truth and not merely perception.  In an effort to improve the relationship between the police and the public, new policies and procedures will, hopefully, be the by-product of the initiative . 

Breaking Barriers United is also committed to the youth in our Communities.  As tensions have grown between Law Enforcement and the Community, Breaking Barriers United recognizes the future lies in the hands of our youth.  With this realization, Breaking Barriers United has, as a chief priority, a plan to invest in the youth by going into the neighborhoods and locating tomorrow’s leaders through relationship-building and mentoring programs

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Ryan Tillman, Founder

Ryan was born in Fontana, California and raised in Rialto, California. Growing up, Ryan did not have many encounters with police officers, but the interactions he did have were not the best.  They mistreated him on multiple occasions and did not display the level of professionalism he expected. Drawn into Law Enforcement by God, Ryan joined the Chino Police Department in 2013 and excelled in his short time there. Ryan was able to experience a side of Law Enforcement that he had never experienced before. This prompted him to create a program designed to repair the bond between communities and Law Enforcement. Ryan believes one way to truly effect change is by focusing much of his efforts towards the youth through strong mentorship programs created by Breaking Barriers United. With his commitment and dedication, Ryan promises to leave his career better than what it was when he entered. 





Rodney Lombard, Co-Founder

Rodney was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles.  He is the youngest of nine children, seven boys and two girls, all of whom lived under the same roof.  As you can imagine, interactions between members of the community and Law Enforcement in those days were not the best.  It was not uncommon for the police to abuse their powers and use intimidation tactics to gain compliance.  Rodney had several interactions with police in which the officers had no legal justification for the actions they took.  Of course this left a sour taste in his mouth toward Law Enforcement, but he was happy to be allowed to leave without a ticket or worse.  In 1996, Rodney was presented with the opportunity to become a Police Officer.  After careful consideration, much prayer, and realizing he could be a catalyst for change, he accepted the calling.  Over his twenty-year career, Rodney has been committed to truth, fairness and treating people with dignity and respect.  Rodney acknowledges that there is a rift between the police and the communities they serve. Through the efforts of BBU, he hopes an environment of personal accountability is created on behalf of both the community and police officers that will bridge the gap between them.